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What Does The Road Map Mean For Events

As of the end of February, we’ve been given a road map out of COVID-19 as we being to integrate back into normality. Light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible and it’s great to see a glimpse of the future.

On the road map there’s some hope for the exhibition scene to be up and running in June, if everything goes to plan. There are still a few months to go until a date can be confirmed, but it’s a movement in the right direction.

If the past year has proven anything it’s about how quickly time goes, that’s why it’s not too early to plan you’re event and make some provisional bookings for a range of tradeshows and exhibitions.

No plans are concrete and at this stage we can only assume and begin to imagine what the new rules of exhibiting will be, but what we’re confident of is that normal exhibitions won’t be returning right away.

Social distancing and sanitising will be a large part of moving forward so the design of your stand is more important than ever before. Not only does it have to be bold and eye catching but you need to create a place that’s safe and controlled.

Easy clean surfaces, managing the footfall on your stand and providing sanitising stations throughout your stand space should be on your priority list. By putting in simple and easy to implement processes, your stand will become a firm favourite when it comes to safety of others.

Planning ahead enables you to think about the message you would like to portray and the artwork which will represent your business. Looking at your stand space and your floor plan, will allow you to position marketing material in the hot spots to make sure it’s seen by more and utilised in the most effective way.

By creating an over head floor plan you can also gauge the direction of the traffic and where’s best to place the germ busting accessories to create a safe and secure exhibition space.