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Use Your Wooden House As An Amazing Rental Experience



A wooden cabin can be a veritable treasure trove even outside your ability to getaway from the bustle of the city. Cabin-owners have a unique opportunity here. Thanks to people being locked away indoors.


Many are suffering from burnout, and turning your residential log cabin into a luxe getaway can help them relax without putting themselves at risk. 


Residential log cabins are just one of the different types of short term rental accommodations available to customers. They like to see something different and get a taste of the quiet atmosphere that cabins are known for.


Cabins are an excellent way for people to get away from the city, and they’re also a good business plan for you!


How To Start Your Cabin Rental Business


As the cabin owner, it’s up to you to research and prepare for turning your rental property into something guests can enjoy. Take stock of a few competitors. Analyze how they operate. Look at what features are best sellers. 


You need to flesh out costs to be incurred, investments to be made, and a marketing strategy. Think of why someone should rent your cabin over others. Use that as a unique selling point. 


Let’s examine some factors that can affect your ability to rent out the cabin.

  • Does it come with a view? A cabin located beside a lake, in the mountains, near the woods or close to ski resorts has better traffic and a greater chance of seeing profits.

  • What is the type of cabin? Cabins come in different styles and shapes from farmhouses, ranches, treehouses, ski chalets. The design of the house and the space can affect how you market the place.

  • What are the investment costs of renting a cabin? Before committing to a cabin, you need to take stock of the cabin. Does it need renovation/ Do you need to upgrade the plumbing? What are maintenance, repair and renovation costs? What is the marketing budget? All these will be a factor in your ability to profit from your business.

  • Should you have a license and pay taxes? Any business will need a license. Registering your business can protect you from personal liabilities and help you claim the benefits available to small businesses. Taxes are an inevitable part of owning property. 


We’ve looked at the questions you need to know to start a business. Let’s look at the amenities you need to provide to increase value.


Amenities You Can Offer To Bolster Business


The amenities of a cabin can make or break a renter’s experience. Bolster their sense of adventure by installing saunas, gazebos for that perfect winter wonderland view. Having pergolas for a picnic or an event like a birthday celebration.


You can add in a fireplace inside the home so they can gather around to roast marshmallows or for a social evening.


You can account for each factor when launching a residential log cabin rental business. The payoff is significant if you do your homework, make a strategy, and be prepared.




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