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Factors That Influence Lead Cabinet Price

Do you wonder why some lead cabinets are more expensive than others? Here are the factors that affect the cost of lead-coated cabinets:

Cabinet size

Either external or internal dimensions size can influence the price. Be aware that there are frequently essential measurements, such as attempting to fit a cabinet with other existing cabinets, or matching present countertop heights, or ensuring that the product or item fits within the cabinet box. 

Make sure to keep in mind that our lead shielded cabinets are often constructed on adjustable-height legs rather than laying flat on the ground like our rivals’ cabinets. Forklifts and pallet trucks may be used to transfer from the loading dock to the ultimate destination, and this can’t happen since the bottom of a boat has a flat bottom. 

The user may also modify the height of the cabinet to compensate for uneven flooring or when a heavy cabinet dips into a soft tiled floor. The total height is increased by roughly 4 inches using these adjustable legs.

Cabinet Top

A flat carbon steel or stainless steel top may be used. If you have a specific design in mind, please let us know and any further specifications, such as the front drip edge, rear splash, drop portholes for sharps containers, etc.

Doors for Cabinets

Cabinet doors may be single or double doors. To avoid radiation leaking from the door seams, we must construct a step inside every door. A typical word in the door business is “astragal,” which refers to the overlap between the two doors.

Internal Cabinet Options

Shelves, drawers, and other modifications/options are available. Whether you need shelves, we need to know how much weight each shelf can hold and whether it must be permanent, adjustable, or slide out. 

If this option is needed, we’ll need to know how much height or increments may be changed. It is essential to know whether dividers are required, how much weight each drawer will hold, and how large the interior space is. 

Alternatively, we could have a single door that locks all of the drawers together, or we could have each drawer have its own lock on the exterior. No doors are sometimes preferable, as are all of the drawers. 

Each drawer would have a lead-faced front, but there would be no lead lining between the drawers in this manner. There isn’t a single piece of lead between any of the drawers, cabinets, or shelves. It leaves you only with exterior walls, top + bottom, a drawer, or door fronts alone.