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Cooperation between AXIWI and the Dutch referee association

COVS Netherlands and Axitour Communication Solutions have concluded a loan agreement for the deployment of the AXIWI headsets at various COVS referee associations. In the coming months the associations will have the opportunity to investigate the added value of the use of wireless headsets; for the mutual communication between the referees and for the training of referees. Meanwhile, the referees associations are working with the headsets.

COVS Netherlands will have the opportunity to introduce the referees associations to working with referee headset football in the coming months. The purpose of the loan is to find out the added value and possibilities of headsets within the associations. The headsets will be used for mutual communication between referees and for the training of referees.

Currently, the AXIWI communication system is used worldwide by referees to communicate wirelessly with each other during a match. With a communication system you make faster and more correct decisions as a referee and as a team. The communication system offers up to six people (read: referees) the possibility to communicate simultaneously and hands-free with each other.

Training of referees
During matches a referee coach is standing along the line and through the AXIWI communication system he is in direct contact with the referee in the field. The coach can provide the referee with feedback (tips) on specific game situations ‘in the moment’. The learning curve of the referee in the field is considerably accelerated; he can process and apply the feedback directly.

By working with a headset, the referee’s coach gets an even better picture of the referee’s actions and can therefore provide him with even better feedback.