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Better performance in the right working environment

Employees perform better in a working environment that inspires them, where they feel free and where they can work undisturbed. This doesn’t only the increases not only the fun to work, but also the performance. In this article we will give you some tips to a proper working environment.


Important in a workplace is the right acoustics. Employees must be able to work in peace, without disturbance from the environment. There are various options to minimise for this noise. Have you ever thought about mobile partitions or deviding walls on wheels? With these walls you can easyily create easy a divide and reduce the ambient noise.

Work together

Collaboration is becoming increasingly important. A good space for consultation is therefore very important. More and more, employees work off site and often only come to the office to consult with colleagues. Amos Beech interior design Edinburgh has several solutions for your employees to work together in an optimum way.  

Flexible workplaces

Flexible workplaces are becoming increasingly popular. Large vacant spaces can be included for instance, where a workstation can be booked for a day or just a few hours. There is also an increase in the number of internal flexible workplaces. A flexible workspace is a place in the office where every employee can log on and have access to the required information. Important advantage flexible workplace is that there are fewer workstations are needed, this saves considerably in the costs.

Soft seating for informal contact and consultation

Do you ever talk to your employees? Then you will know that a casual setting can result in a completely different conversation. For example, a sofa is much more relaxed than an (office) chair. Break out furniture can be equipped with high sides and backrests for privacy and acoustics. 

The right office chair

Research has shown that 63% percent of employees are sitting at a desk for over 6 hours a day. Therefore, the correct office chair dask layout and height are of the utmost importance. What chair gives you the most comfort and support? What settings would you like to customize and adapt to yout needs? All very important questions that come into play when choosing a new Office Chair. Amos Beech workplace consultants are happy to guide you in your search for the perfect chair.

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