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3 Types of Wooden Houses You Should Know

Wooden houses are famous among people all over the world. It is because they are economical and ecological as compared to traditional concrete and brick homes.

The United States, countries of Western Europe, and the Scandinavian Peninsula prefer wooden dwellings. But Romanians are a bit hesitant to live in a house made of material other than brick.

However, residential log cabins are cheaper and more useful for various people. Timber is the perfect option for those people who do a lot of savings to make a beautiful and spacious home.

Wooden houses are versatile and have three main types: Made of Logs, Light Wooden Framework, Mobile Home. So, let us know how they are different from each other.

·        Made of Logs

You install the houses made of logs directly on your plot using trucks, thus giving it a distinctive final look. In these types of homes, wood thickness functions beautifully to regulate humidity and temperature. It is the main benefit of this method.

Though it has one minor imperfection, i.e., a union between trunks, you can solve it using square-shaped logs. Various constructors build houses made of logs. They peel logs through hydraulic processing and assemble them by drilling and then joining.

You use natural insulators in joint areas to keep houses appropriately insulated. The best part of these kinds of homes is they are resistant and serve for a long time. In addition, they do not require much maintenance.

·        Light Wooden Framework

One of the most popular wooden house options is a light wooden framework. You use standardized panels, simplified assembly parts, and various small components to facilitate pre-manufacturing, modulation, and interchangeability.

These types of houses are usually single-story structures to maintain the stability of a building. They are simple in shape and design but give an elegant look. Also, they can withstand harsh weather easily.

You don’t go for deep foundations in a light wooden framework, which saves you a lot of money and time. In addition, it generally follows a dry construction technique. As a result, there is less plaster shrinkage and cracking.

You can decorate the home after construction immediately. So, you don’t have to wait for the plaster to get dry.

·        Mobile Homes

Generally, constructors build a mobile home in a factory and transport it to the final destination in several huge pieces. You can make a house in a single piece or multiple parts, depending on the size of a log cabin.

You make walls of these houses from finished wood or various other materials. Such log homes are famous in northern and central Europe. Though mobile homes are not a common option in Spain, builders are continuously promoting them.

To Sum Up

 These are some most common types of houses made of wood all over the world. All of them appear extremely elegant yet amazing. Every home has its unique share of attributes, resulting living in them being pleasant and exciting.

The type of home you choose depends on your preference or taste. Hopefully, the above-described tips can help you decide on one.