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How Can Laminate Screens Enhance An Office?

Acoustic and pinnable office partitions are popular options when it comes to adding screening solutions to your office space. Whilst those screen choices are effective and attractive, there are times when fabric screens aren’t right for your environment and you might need to look at other finishes available.

Laminate screens are a way of adding colour, style and a new finish to your office space. Laminate screens are on the rise and for good reason. With many advantages, we’ve listed our top 3 reasons why laminate screens should be considered for your office or working space.

Wipeable surface

Utilising laminate screens comes with the benefit of being able to clean the screen on a daily basis. A hard surface such as laminate can be wiped down with a soapy anti-bacterial solution to kill germs and prevent the spreading of bugs.

In a number of environments such as hospitals, waiting rooms and other clinical surroundings, the use of laminate screening is very useful. The ability to clean screens helps with the spread of germs to patients and visitors.

Laminate doesn’t mean dull

There was a time when only white and grey laminate was available, but luckily that time has changed. With different colours and finished to choose from, you can effectively add a colourful screen which can create a fun contrast in your office or clinical area.

Make notes

We have touched on the use in clinical environments, but the laminate screens are much more versatile than you might realise. Some of the colour variations look great and can be wiped clean but also have the ability to accept whiteboard pens.

Making notes on an office screen makes for the perfect addition to a classroom, meeting area or training centre. Providing a surface which can be used during discussion and through intense training all whilst adding to the office style and décor.