NBA Live Mobile – What is Player ID and why you need to know it

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Player ID for NBA Live Mobile is a unique number associated to a user. It’s important to know it when contacting the support team for game issues.

All NBA Live Mobile players have a different ID called user ID or player ID. Most of the times, players won’t need to know what their ID is but this is needed when players contact the support team. It’s really easy to find out your user ID. This is all done in game. Players must first open the game app. From the main screen, it doesn’t matter if live events mode or head to head to head mode is active, players have to tap the main menu button. This is found on the top left corner of the user interface. It’s the first element and it’s easy to recognize as it looks like three horizontal dashes. Tapping it will reveal the main menu. The first section is a sub-menu containing four options. The option that has to be selected next is the last one, option four. This is the settings menu and its button looks like a cogwheel.

In the Settings menu, players will see multiple sub-menus displayed on two columns. The one that has to be accessed in order to find the user ID is the one called Credits. It’s the last one, on the bottom right corner of the sub-menu section so it shouldn’t be hard to identify it. This might be a bit puzzling as players might wonder why their ID is placed in the same location as the credits. It was the NBA Live Mobile team’s decision to place it there. Next, players have to tap the view button that is adjacent to the Credits. Doing this will bring up the credits list. The list auto-scrolls but players can scroll as well if they don’t wish to wait. At the end of the credits screen, players will see displayed in red their user ID. It’s a number comprised of several digits.

This ID is used by the NBA Live Mobile support team to identify players and their accounts. It’s a good idea to make a screenshot of the user ID or write it down somewhere to have it ready in case it’s needed to contact the support team. Besides the guide you should know for nba live mobile coins, you also need nba live mobile coins for help.