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Equipment for genomics

When you are looking for high quality equipment to do sound research in genomics you are in the right place. GC Biotech can offer the latest devices for the biochemical, biomolecular, forensic, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Modern laboratory equipment including a vast array of prepared solutions, enzymes, buffers, reagents and PCR mixes can kickstart your genomics study in no time.

We provide materials to do cloning, DNA and RNA isolation and extraction, complete kits for Polymerase Chain Reaction, magnetic beads and more. Our shop is the starting point for these type of biochemical components. In the other part of GC Biotech’s online store one can find the great many automated laboratory systems, handling robots and other equipment for genetic research.

Webshop for genetic research

Take a look at what our webshop has to offer in the field of genomics and other genetic research. Many tools and high quality equipment can be found in our online shop. The liquid handling machines make sure you don’t have to worry about processing large quantities of samples. The level sensing systems provide quality control and can find out wether or not the tip of a pipetting system is blocked. A nanodrop device garantees accurate filling of vials to create reliable solutions with the proper amount of genetic material. So increase the productivity of your laboratory, speed up research and save valuable time and resources by investing in the right equipment for genomics studies.

GC Biotech’s store

For a complete overview of our partners, who supply the high performance equipment found in our store, on can visit GC Biotech’s internet shop. Here you can read all the information about our suppliers, about their background and the goods they provide us with. So when you’re working in the field of genomics and want the right laboratory equipment to do the job, you can contact GC Biotech for the many products used for genetic research.

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